Date picker UI style [RESOLVED]

I’ve added the date picker to one of my forms and in the live view it looks odd. In preview mode it looks fine so I’m guessing there’s a conflict somewhere with my theme. I’m using Elementor Hello and I haven’t done anything fancy – I’m not that good of a web guy!

Is there a quick/easy way to force the date picker to ignore the theme’s styling? Don’t want anyone to spend lots of time thinking this over – I can live with it because it functions as it should – but if there was a (long-shot) quick win out there, that’d be ace!

Thank you.

Hi Thomas. What is the url of a page where we can see the form?

Thanks Chris – site is currently in Maintenance Mode so I’d need to set up you with a temp admin account. Is there a way to message the details to you privately?

Hi Thomas. You can email me at


Just adding a note for anyone who may find this in the future.

Turns out it was due to a conflict with another plugin I was using called Weight Loss Tracker.

Chris gave me some straightforward CSS code (straightforward for him, not for me!) which fixed things up nicely.

Thanks Chris!

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You’re welcome. Glad that worked for you.