Customize AJAX spinner markup

I’m working on a complex, multi stage form and I want to customize the loading spinner upon each click of the button (page button and final submit button). I tried utilizing the gform_spinner_target_elem JS filter, where I created a custom element in my markup, and used that as my target, but nothing fired.

Ideally, I want the loading spinner to be a self contained entity that lives outside of the gform_page_footer element, so that I could make it a full overlay that covers my entire form upon each click of the next/previous/submit buttons.

Can someone shed some light as to if there’s any existing functionality/solution that would fit this bill?

This javascript filter gform_spinner_target_elem allows you to set the element after which the spinner is inserted on the page…

Sorry, I just saw that may be what you were referring to above. I would think that filter, combined with gform_spinner_url should be able to accomplish what you’re looking for.