Custom username [RESOLVED]

HI there,
I need to use script for the username so that the email doesn’t automatically show up as the username. Members change their emails, so we don’t want it to be the same as username. I tried to create a custom field for username so members can create their own, but I cannot map it the right field for wordpress. Do you know what that might be? I have tried

Second option is try and use your code here to set up so the username is filed with first/last name of member. I don’t understand the instructions entirely.

Do I use this: add_filter( 'gform_username' , 'your_function_name' , 10, 4 ); and if so, what do I put for the "your_function_name?

If I put in the full script, where do I find the id numbers for the name field inputs?

Can someone help me figure out how to get Gravity Forms registration to use the name or a custom field as the username in wordpress, and not default to the email address.

I just realized that the form allows me to select a field for the username, so I don’t need this code. :slight_smile: