Custom form settings initial values not applied to form without manually saving [RESOLVED]


I’ve used this filter to change the initial values for the sub-label and description placement from “below” to “above”. It works as expected in the form settings and shows the correct initial values, but in the form itself it’s not applied unless I manually save the form settings, which is not ideal. I would want these initial values to be applied directly to the form… Am I missing anything? What can I do to solve this problem?

Thank you,

The purpose of that filter is to populate the initial settings into the form settings. Then it’s up to the user to save the form with those initial settings or change them.

There’s another filter that you can use to force certain settings to be saved, no matter what the use selects for them:

And if you want to avoid the saving step, then you will want to modify the $form object dynamically before rendering the form, this can be done using the gform_pre_ … filters. For example:

Thank you Samuel for your help! Indeed in the meantime I’ve found a solution using