Coupon gravity export

Hello good time
I am using a coupon gravity plugin.
How can I insert a discount number in a column when I get Excel output?
I mean just enter the discount number and nothing else

Hi Saeed. By ‘discount number’ do you mean the coupon name, or the discount numerical amount, or something else? And is this for the entry export?

Hello, thank you for your answer. I mean the exact discount number. Do you want to show only the discount number in the Excel output?

Thank you for the confirmation. You want the discount amount. I understand.

Is this being sent to Excel upon submission, or do you need this value to appear in the entry export, so you have it when you open the CSV file in Excel?

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Yes, it is in Excel output, but with its discount code and description
I just want the discount number

Hi Saeed. Are you sending the information to Excel after submission? If so, what plugin or code are you using for that?

Or, if you are not doing that, are you opening the CSV export of entries with the Excel program?

Hello, please look at picture number 1
Now when I get the output, the discount code is entered in a column with the amount
Now look at photo number 2
I want it to be in such a way that only one financial number is hit in a column like this photo

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