Conditional checkbox values based on previous page field value

(simplified example) I do have a multi-page form, on page 1 i do have a checkbox field with 2 values, on page 2 i do have a checkbox field with 5 values, but the fifth value is available only for those who selected first field on the previous page.

Is there any way how to do it? I know i can do conditional page, copy the second page, do that slight change and conditionaly show entire page depending on the first page, but from various reasons i would prefer to do it in one step, just hide the option, that i do not want.

I was looking for a filter, the only relevant i have found is gform_field_choice_markup_pre_render but the problem is it works before generating the whole (even multi-page) form, so there is no chance to catch the value from previous form and change the outputed value.

is there some other filter/action, that would be called before generating the field and that would allow me to modify outputet content?