Change validation message

I can’t modify the message “Please complete the following fields: Nombre.” so that it doesn’t appear. Where do I have the option to do it?

At this time, there is no built-in setting/filter to remove that complex validation message shown when validation fields with multiple inputs. You’ll need to either delete the field and use a standard text field (or some other non-complex field) or use WP built-in translation filter gettext to set/remove the text as there is no current filter for overriding that message.

If you would like to see filters or settings added for this, please suggest improvements to our developers using our roadmap page so that the product team may consider the request.


Thank you for responding! I solved it by directly modifying the plugin’s code. I will suggest the improvement.

Horatio, just a reminder: when you update the plugin, your modification of the plugin will be overwritten. I hope you’ll be working on a more stable way to implement the changes. You may want to use the translation hook (gettext) that Joshua mentioned with some custom coding, or there are some plugins that will let you edit text strings.

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