Change color/CSS styling of Save and Continue Button [RESOLVED]

My theme is styling the text of the Save and Continue button to be white but the background of the Save and Continue Button is also white, like this:
What additional CSS do I need to add to change the background color of the Save and Continue button?

Hi Patrick. Can you share a link to the page on your site where we can see the form with the Save and Continue button? With that, we can help you with the CSS. Thank you.

Hi Chris, thanks for taking a look:

Also, the Save and Continue button just seems to reload the page.

Try this plugin with Elementor installed. Genius! Essential Addons for Elementor - Ultimate Elements Library for Elementor

I use it on ALL of my websites. Makes gravity forms look like anything you want and it’s visual with elementor.

Thank you!

The actual answer to this question I got through submitting a support ticket. While logged in to Wordpress, I visited the page with my form on it. On the overlaid Wordpress menu at the top I pressed ‘Customize’. I believe this option is also available through the Wordpress Dashboard, Appearance>Customize. After getting to the Customize menu, I clicked on Additional CSS. I entered this code (remove quotes from the code below if you want to use it):

“body .gform_wrapper .gform_footer button.gform_save_link {
background-color: #0667BB !important;

Change the #0667BB color to the hexcode of whatever color you want and that did it for me.

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