CC in on a 'Save and Continue' link [RESOLVED]


A client of mine has asked if it is possible to add a cc field to the save and continue inputs. Can anyone help, as I can’t find any documentation that points in the right direction? perhaps there is a way to allow for comma separated email addresses?


Would this need to be configurable when the dialog is displayed, or does the client always want to receive a copy of the save and continue email that is being sent?

Sorry for the late reply. Holidays :slight_smile:

Ideally it would allow the user to add the ‘cc’ addresses in themselves.

Actually, there’s no way to extend that to allow a cc there. If the email address were always the same, you could just create an additional “Save and Continue” notification to be sent to another address. There is also an option on the Save and Continue notification to use a form field. So someone could enter that cc email address in the form field, and the notification could be used to send to THAT address.

Okay so I could add a form input that is the CC address, how can I then use that as you said?

Duplicate the default “Save and Continue” notification, and when you configure that, select the Email field from the form, as the Send To.


Just be sure you use an actual Email field from the Advanced Fields section of the form builder, so it appears in the drop down. And if you have two email fields, make sure this one is clearly the “CC” field.

Oh I see what you mean now. Thanks!

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