Can Gravity do this? Distance Range with variable inputs

Bit of an odd one here and really not sure on the best way of going about it but I’ve been asked to do something like in the following link but essentially its a range calculator to show how far an electric bike should travel depending on certain variable factors. Its a bit complex but I do have a spreadsheet thats been provided though it references various tables so I’m not sure thats going to really work. I’m really wondering if there is a way to come up with some kind of conditional form that after a selection of options a value is shown. Is that something that can be done? I realise that I’ll have to assign a end value to all the various possible outcomes which will be a quite a few but just not sure how to tackle it…

Here is the example

Appreciate any help or pointers.

Gravity Forms allows you to setup calculation fields where you can add a calculation formula, there’s more information about this here: Using Calculations - Gravity Forms Documentation

If the default calculation operators don’t allow you to calculate what you need, there are also some filters available to allow you customize the calculation formula and/or result:

Note that these filters have PHP and JavaScript versions, you would need to use both at once, PHP to customize the formula/result after submission, and JS to customize the formula/result during form displaying.

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