Can a confirmation page open in a new tab? [RESOLVED]


Right now if I set a URL as a confirmation page, the destination URL opens in the same tab. Is there a way to make it opening in a new tab ?

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Sure, see this sample code:

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Thanks Chris .

That filter seems to work great for single sites where target form Cat = ID: 3 and you can enter that ID into the filter. However on multisites there could be multiple ID: 3 forms scattered throughout. How to populate the array with forms across multiple sub-sites when the functions.php with the filter services all?

If your volume of sites/forms is not overwhelming, a variation of that filter using get_current_blog_id and a switch statement could allow you to define the right array of forms for each site.

If that doesn’t scale well (too many subsites / forms), you might look into the gform_form_settings filter to add a customization to let the form editor (user) decide whether it should occur. Then checking for that setting within the the same gform_confirmation as above.

Sorry Still learning, Where do you add the code? in beaver builder ?

Hello @EwingWorks - I recommend opening a new topic so we can address your specific scenario individually. Thank you.