Automatically Highlight/ Star a Submitted Report in Entries

I have several forms that auto generate a notification to a manager based on conditional logic features being triggered in the form. I wondered if there was a way to highlight/ star these forms automatically in the entries register to make them stand out. Thanks

Hi Andrew. So if the conditional logic triggered a notification to a manager, you want that entry to be highlighted in some way in the entries list for the form, in the dashboard?

Hi Chris, exactly. Ideally I’m looking for way to make the reports that generate a notification to stand out or be obvious in the entries list for easy identification. Thanks

Hi Andrew. I think you could do this with an API function to update the “starred” status of the entry, any time your condition was met which caused a notification to be sent. You would not be checking to see if the notification was sent, but using the same rules in your code that updates the star status of the entry as you did to determine if a notification should be sent or not.

The GFAPI update_entry_property could be called from the gform_after_submission hook:

The function:

called from the hook:

It would look something like this:

There are quite a few things in there to update, but that is the general approach. Let me know if you need help for that.

Hi Chris, thanks for getting back to me.

Sadly that’s all a bit beyond my expertise using Gravity Forms, but I’ll pass it on to our WP developer who will be able to sort that for us.

Thanks again for your help.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Kind regards


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Please do let us know how that turns out :slight_smile:

Will do Chris, thanks again.