Attached file in acf pro

Hi guys, I have a problem with creating the post via form.

I have 2 attachments to insert in ACF PRO as files but it only loads them in the library not inserting them in the field.

How can I fix?

Hi everyone,
I put the answer from Gravity Form support team.
Hoping it can be of help to others.
We are still experiencing some problems in some hosting but we are investigating.

When you’re working with ACF, you’ll need to attach the ID of the image files to the custom fields for the ACF Pro images. When you link just the field, by default it provides a URL into that field insead of the Media Gallery post ID for the image.

We discuss this in this article:

You’ll want to use the {apc_media} merge field for your image fields on your form to get them to properly link up with ACF image fields.

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