Advanced post creation addon is publishing a post before setting feature image

Developer of MailOptin here. We have a client using MailOptin to send emails when posts are created. The problem is the email doesn’t include a featured image.

When using the Post Fields in a form, the feature image gets set before the post is published. As a result, it works with our plugin correctly.

But this is not the case when using the advanced post-creation addon.

Similar to the post fields implementation, Can you please set the feature image before publishing a post when using the post creation addon?

Here’s the code from the advanced post creation addon.

Any update or acknowledgement of this issue?

Hi there! I recommend submitting this as a feature request, since it would require making changes to the way the add-on currently performs. You can submit by visiting our product roadmap and scrolling to the bottom, then clicking the blue + button on the lower left.

This is the best way to get a suggestion to our product team. While we can’t promise a specific request will be honored, our developers do take all requests into consideration when planning the future of Gravity Forms and its official add-ons.

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