Adjusting the Calendar

Hi, I have a question, I’m trying to modify the calendar with some CSS, and I would like the calendar to show only the current month and not the days of the past or next month.
I’ve already blocked Sundays and Mondays to fill in because the store is closed, but it’s getting a bit messy. Actually, I want to see it like the Legacy setting that doesn’t show those days in the calendar. My question is, can this be solved with CSS or with another script?

I do not believe this can be solved with CSS. Every day would need a unique selector.

Gravity Wiz does have an add-on you can use though called limit dates.

Here’s a link: Gravity Wiz Limit Dates

Thanxs Derek, maybee the add-on has the solution. :+1:

Mariëlle, you can actually hide those days using CSS, this worked for me in a default WP installation:

#ui-datepicker-div table.ui-datepicker-calendar td.ui-datepicker-other-month.ui-datepicker-unselectable.ui-state-disabled {
    visibility: hidden;