Adding photo to a form entry, after submission

I have created a very simple form to gather group information such as Name, address, phone number, etc. I want to add a field for insertion of a photograph, however I do not want the member to upload his own picture. Rather I want to insert the member’s photo after they have submitted their information. I suppose I could set up the form with a text placeholder, replacing it with the photo later. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to do this? Ultimately I want to create a searchable member list, and also allow changes to submitted information.

I think what I would do is make the photograph field an administrative field (under Field Settings > Advanced), so the user does not see it at all and then you could add the photo later by editing the entry via the WordPress admin interface. This process could be made cleaner by using Gravity View to create an admin view that would list the entries without photographs and then allow you to edit those entries to add images, but this refinement isn’t necessary.

Thanks for the reply. After adding the photo would they slso show up in directory view?


You’re welcome. I’m not sure if you are asking whether the photo would show up in the directory (yes, it should) or about how to create the directory or if you are asking about how to keep people from appearing in the directory until you have added their photo. The last in that list should be pretty easily handled via a filter that only shows entries that you have approved, which you could do when you add the photos. To create the directory, I think there are various Gravity Forms add-ons that can be used to create this sort of directory but I haven’t used any of them so I can’t make a specific recommendation. Since I haven’t used any of the directory plugins I can’t say for absolute certain whether the photo would show up but it certainly should. I can’t imagine why it would not.

I have already been able to create a directory but I haven’t added photos yet. I was just asking if the photo would show up on it.
I will try your suggestion and let you know.


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