Add radio buttons onto pictures or coloring a picture in Gravity Forms?


is a plugin or add-on for gravity forms out there which enables the possibility to colorize certain areas of a picture or add little dots to it using radio buttons or anything?

Here is what I mean:

Later on the picture should be exported in an PDF file.

The only thing I found is this:
But it’s not quite the thing I am looking for…

Does anybody know such an add-on or a workaround for this?
The user should not print it out, colorize it and upload it…this is not user friendly

Hello. I don’t know of an add-on for that, but that has been asked for previously. I will leave this open in case anyone from the community has any experience with something like that. Thank you.

Hey, thanks for your answer.

Can you send me the link of the topic, please?

Maybe someone already came to a solution.

I was not asked in these forums (I don’t think) so I don’t have a link to share. If I find something, I will add it here. Thank you.