Add manual entries to form [RESOLVED]

Howdy :wave:

Is there a way to add a new entry manually?

We use paper forms for a course upsell at our in-person events (it’s much faster and most of our demographic is not tech savvy).

After the event, we would need to enter the paper forms into our gravity form.

BUT I don’t see a way to do that? We’ve been able to do this with our previous systems.

Is this possible with Gravity Forms?

Thanks in advance for you help.

Can you submit the form yourself to manually insert an entry? Basically, you would be performing data entry. Is there any limitation on that for you?

Sorry for the late response. We are still dealing with this issue.

Yes, the limitation is that there is a payment section attached to the form, so we wouldn’t be able to get around that part. Do you know of a plugin that would allow manual entry?

Hi Chantelle. How about hiding the payment section using conditional logic (and same for the payment add-on feeds) and base that conditional logic on a parameter that only the person adding the paper/offline signup would know? You could add a hidden field to the form, set up to be dynamically populated, and give it a parameter name of something like:


Then, you access the form with a URL like this:

And then your conditional logic rules in the form will be set to HIDE the payment section and NOT process the feed when this field (the hidden field you added) is equal to “Chris”. Would that work for you so you can process the offline registrations?

Hi Chris,

I was just looking for this having my client refuse to use Import entries into Gravity Forms • Bulk CSV Import as she found it intimidating. I don’t blame her. I tried this plugin Gravity Wiz // Gravity Forms // Manual Entries · GitHub but it’s not working for me.

Your solution is interesting. What do you think of a twist on it: if my client enters her email address, a conditional field kicks in where she enters a code/password. If the code matches a preset condition in the payment section, the payment section hides. This potentially could be even easier for average users than modifying the URL. Thoughts?

It’s worth trying. I’ve never heard of a solution like that. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

I chose another route. I used this plugin Gravity forms – User Role Conditional Logic – McDonnell NZ that will detect that a user has an admin role. Based on that condition, I show a checkbox. So, when an administrator selects it, the payment gets hidden and only then will the payment not be processed by Stripe.

Sounds good. Thank you for the update.