Add Conditional Logic for "Save and Continue Later Link"

Good day,

I have a form that only showing the first field when users visit the form ( while the other fields will be shown after selecting the first field.

However, when I tried to use the function of “Save and Continue Later”, the link shows when users visit the form, like this pic

So, may I ask is it possible to add some conditional logic for this link? For example, show the “Save and Continue Later” if the 1st field / 1st, 2nd ,3rd field are not blank.

Here is the form

Thank you!

Oh I just found there was a discussion on this topic How do I hide the 'Save and Continue Later' link based on a conditional logic answer?

So I will find another way to make the form if the idea cannot be achieved.

Did you see this post from my colleague Richard?

The gform_post_conditional_logic_field_action could be used for this. Here’s an example: