Validating changes entered by admin edit

I want to place constraints on some changes entered by admin editing (administrative) fields after user submission. Custom validation hook does not trigger here, only on initial submission. I can use gform_after_update_entry to check contents and make decisions, even revert unwanted changes. Problem is this happens too late; the entries are already saved with changes considered valid, and appears to be successful to the admin user. I would like to intercept the changes earlier and be able to use gform_admin_error_messages alerting the admin to exception. My current work-around is appending a note but this is not intuitive/obvious. Is there another way?

Solved my own issue after further studying the vast array of hooks and chose
gform_entry_detail_content_before as the place to show my exception.
I also found the alert css and used that to highlight the message.

// check global exception message, display as alert if there is one
add_action( ‘gform_entry_detail_content_before’, ‘show_my_exception’, 10, 2 );
function show_my_exception( $form, $entry ) {

global $custom_admin_edit_status_error;
GFCommon::log_debug( 'triggered show_my_exception' );

if ( '' != $custom_admin_edit_status_error ) {
    echo '<div class="alert warning"' . PHP_EOL; // yellow flag
    echo '<p>' . $custom_admin_edit_status_error . '</p>';
    echo '</div>' . PHP_EOL;


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