Register a product a product only once [RESOLVED]

Here is the scenario I am trying to implement.
One of our customers sells lift doors and assigned us to do his new website. Right now (in his old website) his clients fill in a form with: The model of the door they bought and a specific serial number (S/N) and they receive a generated pdf in their email which is a 5 year guarantee of the product.

If the customer (or an other person) later tries to fill in the form again with the same model an S/N the form does accept the entries and returns a message that the product is already registered.

Is the above achievable with the gforms?

  1. Generate automaticaly a pdf with the form’s entries and email it.
  2. Forbid multiple entries with the same S/N and model.

Thank you,

Check out Gravity PDF for generating and sending the PDF.
Check out Limit Submissions for stopping submissions that meet conditions.

Both are well-supported plugins.


Thank you! I checked them and they seem suitable for the task!