One of both fields mandatory

Hello team.
Is there a way to put one of both fields mandatory ?
For example our customer need to fill his landline phone number OR mobile number, but at least of of these two.


You could have a radio button field and offer a choice:

  • Landline
  • Mobile

Then when one is selected, you can conditionally reveal the next field (to capture that landline or mobile number).

You would also just make a phone field required, and have an additional radio button field for them to tell you if it’s Mobile of Landline. Unless there is a specific reason to have two separate phone fields.

If you need to allow people to possible enter both, you could offer three choices:

  • Landline
  • Mobile
  • Both

And then when Both is selected you would show both phone input fields.

If you need something else, please let us know.

I needed a way to do this as well. I needed to know if a member had a license in one state or the other. To join, they needed at least one, but making one or both fields dynamically mandatory, I had to get creative.

I used a picklist or “drop down” field and asked three questions.

Do you have a license in State A?
Do you have a license in State B?
Do you have a license in both?

My existing A or B license fields become mandatory, or if they have both, they both become mandatory.