HTML Content Not Displaying when conditional setup for displaying it

To be clear, it’s not showing up when an URL contains the condition (ie: /?menu=Indian+Cuisine and the dropdown is then populated with the correct selection). If the URL is plain (ir: Nothing passed to the form), and I select the “menu” that should trigger the HTML display, it shows just fine.

Yes, I know that’s confusing, so I made a short video that explains the problem and demonstrates under what conditions it works. Thanks in advance.

Hi Cenay. If you have not already, I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue. It’s hard to tell from the video what is going on.

If you don’t want to do that, can you please export this form and send me the JSON file? You can see how to export a form here:

Once you have the form exported, please attach the JSON file to an email and send it to and reference this topic. Thank you.