How to send multiple notification emails separately and manually with custom content?

A though question. My form sends emails to users based on check boxes which are checked. The emails are sent as BCC. I need to customize content of each email based on the user it is sent to.

How do i do this? As all these notification emails are sent all at once via the BCC header. I need to split them up and send them individually I guess. But how?

You can have as many email notifications as you like. Go to the notifications page for your form, and click the “Add New” button up top to add a new notification. Then configure that to go to whoever you want and with whatever message you want. There’s additional information here about configuring notifications:

Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. Maybe I didn’t explained it clearly enough. As I get how that works, it is super basic GF stuff. I have implemented highly customized form handling already.

So let me try to explain differently. The form has 1 notification set. In this example it is sent to 10 out of 100 available receivers (via selected checkboxes updated by ajax). These 10 email copies of the same notification are sent by BCC (as I do not want people to see who else receives the notification).

Now the problem: the BCC emails are sent at all once by the BCC header ($email[‘headers’][‘Bcc’]) so they are all the same. I’d like to ‘intercept’ the notification emails (just) before they are sent so I can personalize the content of each one of them. Maybe by using something simple as str_replace(‘FIRSTNAME’, ‘$firstname’, $email[‘message’]) or something. But this would affect all messages so they would all have the same first name. So to be able to customize them all I think I need to send them 1 by 1? Correct?

So maybe I’m just looking for a way to send the notification emails manually and above all separately.

Which function does the sending of the notification, and in which hook do i place the sending code? gform_pre_send_email ?

Hope this explains! Thanks!

Got it, thanks for the explanation. I recommend using gform_notification:

Thanks for the reply Chris. How would i use the gform_notification hook to modify (personalise) each BCC email notification before it is sent?

Editing the $notification['message'] would in my opinion edit all the bcc emails at once to the same values (the last of the loop). Which would not make it possible to send each recipient an email with their own first name for example.

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