How to hide price and total price FOR UNLOGGED users before first submiting of formular

Hallo :slight_smile:
1, i need to hide prices in option fields for loged & unloged users, plaease se here what i mean

2, and i also need to hide a total price before submit. FOR UNLOGEDt users:

EXPALTANTION: im going to use a User Registration Add-On and then Auto Login so when they are submites formular, we create a user and then we login them and then we want to show a TOTAL product price.- NOT prices in in option fields

is it possible?

after submition we create a user, login them and want to show only TOTAL PRICE .

regard Daniel :slight_smile:

So you only want to hide the option price change itself, not the option, when the user visits the form not logged in? So, if not logged in, they would see this:

Is that correct?