How can one include blank responses into conditional logic (dynamic fields and webhooks)?

We have a form that does not require the user to answer most questions. At the end of the form a user sees a “qualified” or a “disqualified” message based on their responses. This dynamic message is displayed using the conditional logic feature of Gravity Forms. I can DM you the form URL upon request.

We set up conditions as seen in the screenshot below. The only question we require a user to fill out is the first one in the screenshot. The rest are optional. There is 1 “wrong” answer per question that could disqualify a referral. If the referral doesn’t provide any “wrong” answers, they are considered qualified. We learned using “is not” will not include blanks as potentially “right” answers.

We are also having the same issue with Webhooks as we are having with the dynamic “qualified/disqualified” messaging.

How can we include blank answers into the array of “right” answers?

Hi Carlos. What version of Gravity Forms are you using? The conditional logic options look different in the latest Gravity Forms release, and there are different conditional logic choices available.

I recommend exporting your form (go to Forms > Import/Export > Export Forms) and then creating a demo site at Sign Up for the Gravity Forms Demo Today

Then, import your form there and take a look at the conditional logic options in 2.5 and later. I believe you will have the option of “Empty (no choices selected)”. Screenshot chrome o1aOr39Lzj.png - Droplr

Will that help you with your conditional logic rules?

For the Webhook, you can use the gform_webhooks_request_data filter to modify what is sent to your Webhook, and include a blank option for any question where no answer was submitted: gform_webhooks_request_data - Gravity Forms Documentation

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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