Help with form settings (signing option)


We had our portal setup by a developer and now we are handling the portal with the gravity forms plugin ourselves.

We have forms with signing options and others without. We use the signature addon.

I see in the forms setting a singing option which is set to “Yes” for some forms but “No” for others. If I make a new form from scratch it gets the “No” option. I 've searched everywhere and I cannot seem to find where this signing option is located or where it is set up.

Can you please let me know if this is somewhere in my wp / gf installation or something the developer did himself? (see attached image)

Thank you very much in advance

That setting (and the Land / Regio) setting are not native to Gravity Forms and will have been added via customizations or some third-party plugin.

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You may want to use the Theme/plugin conflict test approach to narrow it down to the plugin or code creating those settings. Deactivate all the third-party plugins and switch to a default theme. You can then activate the third-party plugins one after the other until you identify the exact plugin creating those settings.