Forgotten responses


Be really grateful if anyone could give me a little bit of help.

I’ve set up a form whose first question is a 5 option radio button. As the form progresses, pages are displayed (or not) based on the response given to the first question. Anyway, something strange is happening. It would appear that when the Q1 response is used in conditional display logic, that initial response is forgotten. If a response to Q1 is required, the form throws up an error at submission. If it’s set to not required the submission is recorded, but without any value for Q1.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Just to clarify the context…

Is the form you describe a single, “multi-page” form ?

Have you tried a very simplified version of your use case, and seen same results ?

If so, could you export your form and provide that for testing it ?

(note, I’m just a dev/customer, trying to be helpful)