Field ID Management feature?

Hello folks,

That would be amazing to manage field ids, especially if you develop custom functions with same field accross all forms. For example it would suggest unused field ID when creating or editing the field, or MAX+1 if all ID are used.


Thank you for the suggestion. I will add it to our list of feature requests.

@deefuz - we’re trying to flesh out this feature request. Can you explain how you need to use it, and a possible use case? Thank you.

Hello. If we propose many similar forms on same website, it would be easier to use same ids accross forms. For exemple for travel company purpose. Same common fields and functions related.

Thanks for that. How does having fields with the same IDs across different forms on one site help you? I want to be clear in my request. Please share an example of how you would use this, and how you work around it now. Thank you.

Better than looping fields to catch all emails fields, if i know that ID X field is always the field i’m looking for, i’ll get a lighter script.

I see. I’ll add those details. Currently, to work around the issue, you can use the Custom CSS Class field on the appearance tab, to hold a css class name, then check for that in your script, like this:

if ( $field->cssClass == 'apply-my-code' ) {

or, in your example of email type field, you can do this (and can do this for other field types as well):

if ( $field->type == 'email' ) {

Or, if you can even use the field label like this:

if ( $field->label == 'Your email address' ) {

I understand the request for the ID though. I’ll update the feature request.

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