Creating a Lunch Reserving Form for a Company

How could I create a form for a company that users can select each day of week (that prefere it’s lunch). Lunch program is changing every week. (this method of food reservation is routine in companies, universities, etc)

I’v searched for a plugin for that, but nothing found.

Hi Mo, I think your request is a bit too broad for anyone to answer.
You will have a lot of individual things to solve - what days to show, how to update the menu, where does a reservation get submitted, etc.

Maybe see how far you get and then create some more specific questions in the community. I’m sure you will get better answers then.

Good luck!

You could have a radio button with 4 options.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Then after the user chooses the week you can have 7 more radio button fields one for each day that week. Each option would be the meals offered for that day.

Monday meal choices

Tuesday meal choices
Chicken tenders

Repeat for each day of the week.

You could also make the form much more user friendly by checking out Jetsloth image choices and using images instead of text.

Hope this will help you get started.

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You are right Simon C.

and Thank you Derek. This is a good start point.

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