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Hi Guys,

I’ve bought Gravity forms a week ago to introduce product customization for users. I noticed that having over 200+ variations on my woocommerce store slowed down the performance, so using gravity forms (partly) fixed that problem…
FYI: I am also using the woocommerce add-on for gravity forms.

However… I want to further improve my website. Since I own a restaurant delivery business, I am looking into showing an overview of calories for each product (meal).
E.g. Users can now choose between types of meat, carb supplement, vegetable type and sauce.
Meat can be either Fish, Chicken, Beef, Turkey, etc.
Carb Supplement can be white rice, yellow rice, Pasta, etc…
Vegetable also 10 different variations etc.

Each of these items have a certain caloric information.
E.g. Fish has 100kcal (10 protein/0carb/0fats), white rice has 200 kcal (15 protein/20carb/0fats) etc…

So when a user chooses a certain variation, there should (preferably a table) that counts up all the calories.

I am really struggling to get this done, since all these variations are options with prices. But I have no idea how to add a formula to it.

Hopefully somebody could give me some insights into solving this problem.

Kind regards,

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